Bible Studies

St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Lodi

Come Quickly, Lord Jesus: Advent 2020

A Light shines: Making Metaphors visible (An Epiphany Bible Study)

Praying for Lent

An Episcopalian’s Guide to the Bible

Yale Divinity School

Plagiarism and proof-texting: Hebrew Bible citations in the New Testament


Seeker’s Class

The Seeker’s Class at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles is a weekly gathering dedicated to studying the Bible, social justice issues, and Church history. I have collected resources for the following:

The Bible and Translation

What is the Bible? (Answers by Rob Bell, others, and you!)

USC Academic Bible Study

In Academic Bible Study at USC we study the Bible from a non-doctrinal, academic point of view, aiming to understand the contexts of the ancient communities from which its books emerged, and then creatively exploring the meanings we find in the texts that apply to our own lives. Topics include:

Bible Translations: Why Which and How?

Creation: New Semester, old beginnings

Women in Judges

Peter and Paul